Harris Alternatives - anyone have any info

Any one here know anything about this fund in Chicago?

Are you applying for their research assistant role?

yes any thoughts?

No thoughts for you my friend, I may be your competition.


Rydex/Goldenboy09 you guys have an thoughts on the position? Did you go through an interview process? Anyone else on this? Any info would be much appreciated!

I went through interview and it was not tough but interviewer was kind of a jerk.

I accepted a job at another firm before I started interviewing with them. They manage if I remember correctly the Aurora Hedge Funds. If you have access to a Bloomberg you can find info out about them on there.

-Thanks guys appreciate it. Goldenboy09 can you provide any more info, did you get an offer (good/bad?) or did you walk or what? any other details on the firm or position?

O and Rydex what type of job or what firm did you end up at?