Harris and Booker in 2020?


2 week senator Kamala Harris already being pushed as a 2020 contender. A Harris, Booker ticket in 2020 would a democrat’s wet dream, a light-skinned black woman and a light-skinned black homosexual.

Keep your eyes on Van Jones. No political experience but that doesn’t matter anymore.

California is so polluted by liberals that our only two choices for senator were both democrats. Myself and most of my friends abstained. This state is going to shit.


and other huge areas of the country are polluted with conservatives… basically everyone just sucks

I agree. Now if we could just get a libertarian candidate who wants to cut spending across the board that would be greeeeeaaaaaat… And then all the Repubs and Dems in congress could hate him/her and deadlock the Gov’t so they quit raping our pocket books paying for social services, walls, and wars that would be ideal.

The Democratic bench is very weak but I don’t think it will matter. In 2020 they’ll be able to run a ham sandwich and win.

Trump will win again, big league. Looking forward to the debate. If only crooked Hillary could run again.

Republicans thought that in 2012.