Hartford Anyone?

I’m sure I can guess the answer to this already…but anybody else taking the test in Hartford, or will I be the sole AF L3 representative?

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

say it ain’t so bigwilly – figured i’d be the only one out here…

Nope, it was a pain in the ass to get out of the garage last year too! It took me a half-hour just to leave the damn place.

yeah, i brought some tunes and had some leftover lunch last year so i waited for a bit…nothing worse than a bunch of over-stressed, freaked out finance types all rushing for the same exit…still beats the cold walk home from Javitz when I took the Dec L1 in NYC…

haha… Was it last year where the head proctors almost went at it. The one proctor said ok section Blah go leave, and teh otehr one was like, NOOOOO, not until I say so… It was quite funny.

Don’t remember that, but I do remember some poor L1 scmuck getting “proctored” after the exam. From what I could tell they were getting all over him and his “deskmate” for exchanging a glance or something. He was a young guy, she a cute girl…well, you get the picture. Wonder what ever happened…

little hanky panky during the test?? haha… maybe you were in a different room?

it would’ve been tough to notice – i never knew anything was going on until the exam was over and these four proctors swarmed around this desk at the very back of the L1 section / front of the L2 section. funny thing is i was so focused on the exam that not only didn’t i notice anything going on up there, but i didn’t even notice the guy next to me get up and leave half way through the morning… i feel for the guy…what a choice. on the one hand, you studied a lot; but on the other hand, when you’re a young single guy, an opportunity is an opportunity…and hey, you can always take the test next year… good thing i’m married and face no such dilemmas. you work in Hartford or nearby?

No, I work in Fairfield County

i’m up in longmeadow; refugee from manhattan. figured i’d have to trek to boston for L2 & 3, so was pleasantly surprised to see a Hartford test center (and a pretty active CFA society as well).