Hartford, CT

I see Hartford come up here and there as a place where a few memebers here are currently working or have worked. I am curious as to what the current Hartford residents do for work. Mainly, becuase I am fairly commited to the area, with a new baby, happy home, and a ton of family around. I am trying to balance that with my own career ambition and am curious as to the paths others in the area have followed. I;ll start, I am a Senior Analyst at a FOF with about $600 MM AUM.

I know someone who interviewed with Wood Creek a couple years ago. How is your performance?

August has been tough, but relative to competition we are porbably middle of the pack. The investable indices (for what they’re worth) got crushed so from that sperspective we are in good shape. Fortunate that we had a good year going into the month. Wood Creek is down in New Haven if I remember. They have a stable of soem pretty esoteric hedge funds, lending, music copyrights, factoring, etc.

Yeah, we were up about 25% after all fees going into August. Going to give a lot of that back but still sitting pretty, compensation-wise, unless the markets really take it up the ass in 4Q.