Harvard Grads taking Hacksaw to Finance


Hacksaw indeed. What else is there besides SS ER out in NYC!? We financiers (FINN-ance, not FINE-ance) are doing the glorious work of the Reverent Adam Smith rationing capital across sectors of industries in an invisible hand fashion.

These kids who are going into hacksaweque careers such as engineering, medicine, marketing (puke), and so forth are just a waste of air and should revert back to the ape from which they evolved.

Finance or Hacksaw, choose.

ew marketing, medicine? I’m down with engineering though.

Eh… these MBA guys need finance and will come crawling back. Finance is all about bullshitting people into giving you their money. That’s pretty much what you learn in business school, right? I mean, who are we kidding… the most valued employees at Google and Facebook are still the engineers. It’s not the natural environment for these non technical type A guys.

You are a successful father. No hacksaw.

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So, the share of HBS grads going into finance went from being the biggest to still the biggest, but less so. This, after a financial services driven recession following the Tech/Internet two decade explosion, the largest shift in the economy since the Industrial Revolution. Nothing to see here.

Used to be MBAs could either do finance or management, for the most part. The economy is significantly more diverse than it was 15 or 20 years ago.

Was reading as the second one. On the actual topic though I think Ohai is right. For the most part, unless they’re very creative people entering tech who can add value to the innovation process I don’t see this trend continuing or being as exciting as they imagined. Right now it’s exciting to go into tech, but I think the companies hiring from HBS are already nearing maturation and there’s not much left to be done except develop new models/features (thinking Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter). On the other hand, if they’re entering tech business for themselves, and using the HBS connections for seed funding and connection to developers it doesn’t sound bad. Either way, I do kind of believe we’re in a tech bubble or on the verge of one.

The move is MBA at Stanford or MIT where financiers have access to network with up and coming engineers so they can be the ones to really drive the business end of the engineers innovation.

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