harvard is hacksaw

Harvard Professor Wets His Dypie Over A $4 Overcharge On Chinese Food


is this the kind of shmuck youre gonna get as your professor? fu*k that

“Wets his dypie”

Oh man, I am definitely using that.

Thank god he didn’t double major in finance otherwise you would see the added insult of “…and hence my final settlement should be triple the amount as per the consumer compensation law invested at the current RFR for 3 months brining us to a total of $12.37”

All aside, I am surprised that a chinese restaurant actually uses email…good stuff!

On what planet do you live where the 3-month RFR is that high?

It is frustrating when companies do engage in price scamming like that.

Today’s planet tis brought to you by Enron, Madoff, Lehman Brothers, and the number $500 Billion

It could be an honest mistake, a lot of businesses do a lousy job at maintaining their online portal/website.

Bad corporate practice, yes. Scamming, very debatable.