Harvard to have a black students only graduation ceremony

Its a group of people that to support their own beliefs looks at every situation in a bubble instead of attempting to appreciate the historical context that surrounds it. I think somewhat fair comparison would be white students at a school like Howard as its likely a small community. I think it still ignores >250 years of historical context and is in poor taste but whatever. A lot of the DJT supporters follow in his footsteps calling everyone a snowflake despite their own delicate sensibilities. Claiming everyone uses the victim card while themselves constantly playing victim.

VP Mike Pence literally said yesterday (i believe yesterday) that Christians were the most persecuted people on earth. A lot of these people are detached from reality.

You basically summed up one of the biggest misconceptions circling in the media today. That any sort of discourse among white people directed at other groups, no matter its objectivity, is inherently racist, prejudice, etc… This is nothing short of attempting to shut down discussion, discredit, and take control.

Jokes, tanks, PA’s rants, and SKR’s abs aside, I would regard AF as a fairly rational bunch.

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Saying it is okay to have a graduation ceremony that is exclusive to one race is agreeing with the US Supreme Court’s 1896 decision in Plessy v. Ferguson and disagreeing with their 1954 reversal of that precedent in Brown v. Board of Education. Although I was not alive for either of those decisions, I suspect the KKK cheered the Plessy decision and was rather upset with the Brown decision.

I think he was finally starting to get along with people so he felt the need to reinvent himself as a troll again.

Agree with this to decent extent. I think we definitely do need to take historical context into consideration, but of course there are several situations it has been abused to advance a separate agenda such as shutting down any discourse by claiming the other as racist.

I don’t have much to say about the VP Pence or the current admin, other than that they are an severe embarrassment and make any rational discussion on this topic, or frankly almost any other topic, impossible. Thus, the level of conversation just gets dumber on all sides.

I thought we were cool bro, now i gotta start all over.

I understand your argument, but this “separate but equal” argument would really come into play more I feel if the people were protesting the main Harvard graduation and didnt want to be a part of the “white kids” graduation (which I havent seen anyone claiming) they are still planning to go to the main graduation from my understanding. So I see it as a niche group having their own graduation ceremony to add onto the other 20 that people go to now. Again, I find it personally silly, but I cant pretend to understand what its like growing up as a black person and frankly dont think I should comment for the black community.

So again, I find it silly personally, I just fail to see any outrage. Had the roles been reversed I think its a touchy subject. White people were not held as slaves by black people then treated like absolute crap for decades. I think historical context does matter, pretending otherwise just seems ignorant to me. Does that mean my opinion is correct? No, again I am not really qualified nor an expert. Its just how I personally feel.

^ To their credit, they are paying for the ceremony themselves and if it were a private ceremony off school grounds that was not sanctioned by the university, I’d fully support their right to assemble/associate with whomever they pleased. I see it as a step backwards though for the university to sanction an event that excludes people based on their race. The slavery argument only goes so far as well since the event is not exclusive to descendants of slaves, it’s exclusive to black people.

Again, I dont entirely disagree with you. I just dont really care about it that much. If you put things into 2 categories, things that help race relations, and things that do not, I would probably put this in the latter. However if you were to ask a black person if the university allowing a group of black kids the ability to, in addition to the normal graduation, have one for them, they might believe it helps them. I dont really know the answer, I dont really pretend to. Its a pretty complicated issue, I dont see this as particularly harming anyone, but again I dont see it as ideal.

So if I am emperor of the universe and no one gets upset with anything I do? Yea I probably dont have this separate graduation, but thats not the world we live in so I will just roll with it.

^ Stop being semi-reasonable. How can we have a real debate without fabricated support for unreasonable positions?


There, I have restored the balance to the water cooler


I have been seriously thinking about starting a thread that matches the names with known or suspected duplicate accounts. However, I’ve been thinking that it wouldn’t be in the interest of the dupe account member and might drive them away. On the other hand, it could be helpful in dealing with trolls.

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