Has anybody here done Stalla CD lectures, and still failed?

After failing last year just going through the study guides on my own, I have the stalla CD’s this year. Man, what a world of difference it makes having someone lead you through the important topics. Anyone out there go through the lectures in the past, and then fail? I’m just curious as it seems to me like this is going to be a big advantage for me, compared to last year.

yes, I used Stalla last year and still failed. I felt pretty good going into the test, too.

Don’t count on watching lectures to pass any CFA level exam. I would focus on doing problems.

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Don’t count on watching lectures to pass any CFA > level exam. I would focus on doing problems. Anyone who counts on doing just one aspect of study (study guides, lectures, or problems) is probably going to fail. I’m just saying that in the past, I have used just the study guides and problems. This time I’m primarily using Lectures and the problems, and it’s going MUCH better. I’ll reinforce with the study guides at the end, but learning from the lectures is much easier than learning from the study guides. And then, obviously, doing mad questions to pound it in is key.

For my Level I in December, I used strictly Stalla materials (live classes, books, lecture notes, etc.) and passed (CFA Level I texts are still in its packaging). I felt like they prepared me well for the test. For Level II, here’s my game plan: I plan to go through all the sections first using only the Stalla materials. I’d like to finish this about a month before the exam so I have some time to refer to the CFA text to fill in any gaps. I feel this might be necessary since Level II is a different format than Level I. i.e. contains Item Sets and less questions. I’m just worried that I might miss an entire item set because it’s a topic that might not have been covered with Stalla (although I’m not sure how likely that is). I’ve read about Schweser’s incident last year with Treynor Black, but I don’t know how Stalla students fared… Anyways, that my plan. Good luck.

I used Stalla lectures for Level 1 and failed. got Schweser this year and feel spending time doing practice problems is better than watching lectures.