has anyone helped a recruiter with placement?

So my friend received an email from a recruiter about a front office position at a top 20 hf.

He’s not interested in it, but not inclined to pass it on to his co-workers either because he doesn’t think they’d do the same for him.

My advice to him was pass it on, and if they get the job, now you have someone that owes you one and maybe they can hook you up in the future if you’re down on your luck.

I also mentioned that maybe he can arrange a deal with the recruiter. If his co-workers gets placed, then the recruiter has to give him a cut of the placement fee. Just curious if anyone ever did this or knows how this arrangement might work?

i find it laughable you think the recuiter will take money from his own pocket to give another person just because someone forwarded the listing to another

You probably wouldn’t even get a thank you from the recruiter.

I’ve forwarded jobs along and haven’t ever gotten a thank you.

I’ve also seen recruiters post on my linkedin feed that they are willing to pay for referrals that get hired, up to $2k or something like that. I’m probably about to go through the connection list and clean house though, they spam my feed.

I’ve gotten some thank you messages for referrals. It depends on the person.

Anyway, if your “friend” has some coworker friends who he thinks would be interested in the position, then there is nothing wrong with referring them to the listing, in a very discreet manner of course. People do it all the time.

The recruiter probably won’t give you a cut of the commission…