Has anyone here been chosen by Google to have the privilege..

…to be the first ones in history to test the Google Glass?


SAN FRANCISCO – Google has picked 8,000 people in the U.S. who will have a chance to wear the company’s new Internet-connected glasses, which are being described as the next breakthrough in mobile computing.

It seems like the main difference between Google Glass and normal smart phones is the “stealth” part. That is, no one will know if it is on or off. This might have important applications. For instance, secretly videotaping hot girls in public, or watching a movie while your spouse tells you about her day. Also, given tha it is voice operated, if anyone I know shows up with Google Glass, I might try to walk up to them and shout “goatse.cx!” just to see what happens.

Now google can watch what I see.

thats kind of…sexy

They can cancel google reader, but for some reason think that people will actually wear these things.

Nah I wear raybans and have an iPhone.

hahaha awesome point