Has anyone in fund administartion received the charter

I have 4 years+ experience in Fund administartion and not investment decision making. My work profile involves accounting for private equity funds, making quarterly statements and capital account statements sent to limited partners, organizing distributions and drawdowns, doing accounting, budgeting etc for the management companies and operating co…Do you think I will be eligible for the CFA charter?? Has anyone with similar profile got a charter???

I do not know of any accounting background CFAs in fund admin.

Having said that, I know plenty of P&L/Valuations people whose experience counted for the charter.

I think your experience would count if you work with the investment firms directly and provide P&L analysis/similar info.

Thanks for the information. I hope my experience qualifies for the charter!!!

Obviously I can’t guarantee anything, but I think your exp qualifies for what CFAI asks for. I know a handful of people whose work exp was far less relevant and still got it approved.

One dude I know was in mandatory military service for two years, which isn’t even remotely close to making investment decisions, but he had CFAI approved his exp as part of the 4 year work exp req. As far as I see it, you don’t even have to BS to get it approved.

Thanks a lot for this information!! I will not waste time now and just apply hoping it will be approved!!!