Has anyone not finished the first read?

Has anyone not finished the first read through yet? I’m probably not going to be done for another 3-4 weeks!

dude you need to work doubly hard for the remaining 2 months!

I still have derivatives adn alternative investments to do, should be done in 1.5-2 weeks, I can’t see how any more than a solid month of practice tests and revision would make that much of a difference

MaykiG Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Has anyone not finished the first read through > yet? I’m probably not going to be done for > another 3-4 weeks! what’s your background dude, if it is related to finance or accounting, you still have plenty of time for L1

Im not done reading yet. I have Derivatives, and Economics left :s

Should be done this weekend. Plan on spending the next 30 days reading the Shweser notes then a month of straight QBank and PTests

will finish first read CFA Insti text by this week and then got to do schweser and practice qns…will it be fine? am not havin a finance background

I’m not done yet either. Hoping to get it all read by the end of the month and then spend 3.5 weeks on a beach in Thailand grinding out my review.

Me too …plan to finish the first readin by end of this month… n jus qbanks n mock tests next month…

I didn’t start until the last week of August. I am just starting SS9 right now and am not scheduled to be done my first read-through until 11/15. I will then use those last 3 weeks as review, qbank and mock exams. I am using Schweser Notes, Schweser MP3s for review on my one-hour one-way commute every day and Schweser Q-Bank exclusively for my studying. I go through each of the concept checkers at the end of every chapter in the Schweser Notes and then when I’m done a particular area, I do a Qbank on it. Generally score in the 75 to 85 range on each of them. Part of me wishes my work agreed to fund this earlier so I would’ve had more time. The other part of me thinks that it just would’ve given me more time to forget the stuff I read earlier.

Finished the first read on the plane last night. This new job has got me working some crazy hours. I am gonna start my Schweser review tonight and try to knock that out in about 25 days so i will have 25 days to do QBank-Mocks-Review weak spots.

Due to more bad luck at work I’m right there with AFACandidate in FSA. Another week gone due to travel/work obligations where I was in meetings 14 hours a day and got very little studying done. I too am still in FSA (should finish SS10 tonight), but this is after not studying much for a week so I’m in trouble. Just informed my manager that I cannot travel again until mid-December and will be taking 9 days off before the exam. I’ve got to work extra hard over the next 50+ days. Goal is 6 hours a day of study (3 in the am and 3 in the evening) and 8-10 on weekends. Plan to finish last SS at the end of this month and go back and “re-learn” Quants/Ethics/Econ (hopefully it will just come back to me).