Has anyone scored above a 60% on any of the

Schweser mock exams in the book? I’ve tried twice already, but keep scoring below 70%, which of course has brought on concerns over my level of retention. Anyone here experiencing the same or otherwise? Please share… Thanks.

I scored on average 70% on the ones im taking as well as the CFAI mocks. One thing to note by the way, i was scoring low 60’s in June right before the exam and finished with a band 10 which meant i was very close to a pass. Just keep grilling yourself with questions and make sure that the answer is automatic to you.

You mean to say that you’ve taken L-1 already?

You mean to say that you’ve taken L-1 already? If so, how does that actual exam compare with the mock exams provided by Schweser?

Yes I’ve taken Level 1 already. I finished band 10 70+ in FSA 50-70 in everything but AI and Quant The morning exam was easy as pie. I was shocked. I knew the afternoon was going to be tougher and it was. They felt like the mock exams although a bit easier in terms of calculations and concepts.

Was there more calculations vs. concepts on the exam? I’d prefer calculation personally, but I know concepts is also important.

I really can’t remember. The exam feels like a war and I mean the second you’re done you just want to enjoy the fact that you could go home and not have something “outside of work” to have to do. But I was not as familiar with quant and derivatives in June as I am now and I still pulled a band 10 which makes me feel a tad astonished. Just keep grilling questions. If you know your shit, even if it’s conceptual or quantitative, you have a better chance of getting the question right.

How much emphasis was placed on GIPS? Also what does this “band” mean?

Band is the percentile of failed candidates 1 being the worst of the failures and 10 being the best. So I finished in the top 10% of those who failed.

I presume Schweser Qbank is still pretty much similar to when you were doing them in June earlier in the year. Was wondering how you were scoring then (gettin into Band 10)? And how are you scoring now compared to June time? I’m sure you’ll be able to nail it this time round!

I can’t get 70 without going over 3 hours. Last one was 68%, but actually 58% after 12 point adjustment

Isura I got a 68 as well on my first schewser mock, but went about 20 minutes over 3 hours. I think with practice the times should come down. Also, comepared to what i have seen on the samples, the Schweser questions seem to be longer and require more calculations taking time.

I scored over 70 on the Schweser exam I took over the weekend, but low 60’s on the CFAI sample test I took Friday, which is a little concerning to me that the real thing will be much harder than the Schweser exams.

my confidence in the last three weeks has gone to sh*t!!! I have yet to break a 70% on any of the schwesser QBANK mock exams - (68 was my highest on a 120 question mock). and i’ve read all the stuff and done all the CFAI problems. this is just ridiculous. thank god there are 3 weeks left.