Has anyone...(Stalla/Schweser mock exams)

taken the L3 Stalla or Schweser mock exams? I took Stalla for both L1 and L2, but noticed a significant degradation in value between the two, and figured L3 would be hardly worth it. Now that we’re halfway through April and I can’t remember a thing, was wondering if I should. Any advice? How about practice exam books, are they worth the time/money?

Stalla exams are easier than volume 2 of CFAI imo.

What’s the difference between Schweser Practice Exams Volume 1 and Schweser Practice Exams Volume 2? I’m considering which one to buy. Thanks!

2 is harder as per past experience

pupdawg82 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 2 is harder as per past experience +1

So Vol 1 has 3 MC exams and 3 Essay exams? And so does Vol 2 except that Vol 2 is typically harder? Have you done the Stalla questions this year? Were they easier/harder than Stalla? Cheers.