has anyone started yet? is it difficult?

I am planning to start this one around january. that will be a solid 5 months. but I heard that its more qualitative than level 2 and thus takes some time to read and digest. is that true? should I start earlier ? (I started level 2 in feb)

I began my reading on Oct 1. It is very qualltative, behavioral finance is not my strong point.

For me personally, there’s no point in working before December. I get a minimal ROI from work completed 9 months before an exam.

I just started going over the LOSes to get a high-level understanding of what is covered

L3 passer here - material not difficult at all actually. In fact, you will find it much more digestable than level 2. The mere volume of material is quite different, however. Be prepared to develop an IPS for ANY type of client - HNW or Institutional (banks, insurance, etc. - each have nuances that you really need to understand. Also, don’t take the details in GIPS calculations lightly - it is always included on the exam so might as well know it and kill it.

My problem is how to write out what I know. Calculating is rather easy, there is only one way to say the answer is A. However, I would think there are multiple way to express one view.