Has anyone taken the exam yet?

Is today the first day of the CFA level 3 CBT exam?
For those who have taken the exam, would you mind sharing your experience with the CBT? Tahnks a lot!!

Yeah, took the test in the morning. Test center experience was OK. Have to notice that in the AM there were some issues with the vignette showing up without questions. So the test center guy restarted my PC and did the login and it did the trick. As people come and go there will be noise and also as they type on keyboard. You will be provided with some sort of headphones that isolate the sound, mine was like those for the construction workers.

Despite all of this, my experience was OK as it did not cause me major issues. I felt that the test was OKish with AM being easier than expected while PM was not harder but involved more obscure topics.


Did you take a break in between? Are you allowed to access your belongings/ check notes if opt for a break? Thanks

Thank you so much for generously sharing your experience and Congrats on finishing! Heard there was a lot of tech issues. How far were you into the AM until they restarted? Also, were you able to highlight in the case for the AM?

does AM session show how many marks are allocated to each question? because the software tutorial provided doesn’t show.

No marks for the subquestions. You will just be given the total marks for the entire case.

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that’s insane!

Yes you can access your belongings during your break.

I found the AM OK, finished all questions in time.

I found the PM questions a little more challenging, but managed to answer every question and finished 20mins early. You have 2hrs and 12mins to answer 44 questions, I.e. 3 mins each.

I found the whole exam, easier than when I sat the 2019 written exams, where I ran out of time in the AM exam.

Also, no technical issues for me, all went smooth.

No, no highlighting in the case study.


I thought the exam was a bit harder especially the multiple questions.

Might have to take it again.

Anyone interested in studying together or just sharing experience, please email me.

Yes I took a 20min break (30 minutes are allowed). Yes, there were lockers in the test centers where you can leave your wallet, phone, and all other belongings. I did not check notes but many people did. In my opinion CFAI was not clear here but my guess is that they meant that you are not allowed to bring notes in the place where the computers are. If you are in the place where there are lockers you should be fine.

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I was only a few minutes in as of course I noticed the issue. Some other people who sat near me also brought up the issue to the proctor only after I said something (which was pretty weird). I did not try to highlight anything as it is not my way of doing things.

Confirmed, no marks for the subsections!

Took the test yesterday in Beijing,heard during first day many test location had interface malfuntion due to monitor resolution issue that they had to replace all the monitors on site, exam at 8 in the morning postponed to the afternoon, while waiting for replacement of monitor institute bought SODA drinks and snacks to calm candidate down.The computer based experience is better than the paper based , cause typing is much faster than writing, dont need to mess the paper crossing out answers too many times LoL, and sit in a cubicle felt much focused.


thank you both for sharing! super helpful

In my opinion the format is much much better than in the past. My only concern is that they are trying to adapt the old format to the new one and something is still not well done.

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For me, it was difficult exam, not finished morning

Just sat the exam in London. Agree pm was quite challenging!! Hoping to pass

Good luck all!

AM was very challenging for me. Just didn’t have anywhere near enough time. Had to leave a few questions blank, but I was likely guessing on those anyway.

PM was fairly straightforward and almost “easy”. Finished with 1 hour left and reviewed any flagged questions after that. Hopefully a solid score on PM will save me.

Per usual I feel my chances are a flip of a coin.


Yes today. AM was more challenging than expected but finished on time. PM was a breeze and I was done after roughly one hour. All in all I think the CFAI mock exam (where AM was was quite hard) is a good benchmark of what to expect on exam day. Overall CBT experience was ok.

which CFAI mock exam are you referring to?