Has anyone tried Wiley for Level 3?

If so, what did you think of their notes?

I only used their videos for L3, as a sort of “supplement” to my core reading of Kaplan’s books (which prepared me really well). I hate to say this, because I found Wiley’s levels 1 and 2 materials across the board to be exceptional and they were all I used to prepare, but their L3 videos are awful.

I can’t offer much of an opinion on their actual books, however. For what it’s worth, the bits and pieces I have heard about the books is that they were inferior to Kaplan’s.

Best of luck in your prep!

Really appreciate the feedback, thank you!

I did the L3 free 24 hour trial to game some late stage video lectures the week before the exam. I watched the credit fixed income one and it was teh most abysmal video I had seen across all levels.

I didn’t actually believe the guy talking over the video knew the curriculum. Sounded like he was parrot reading from a teleprompter.

A shame as 1 & 2 were sick AF. Basit and Olinto was an insane combo

Oh great. I just ordered wiley L3 silver package last week since I did well with them for L1 and L2…

I thought the text books were useful - they simplified certain areas and certain concepts were explained more concisely.

As most people mention, I also found IFT video summaries of the past papers quite useful, and very good value.

I recorded some videos for Wly L3 many years ago, and some of them are still on the platform. Wly has good customer service, too! May you enjoy learning from them! I will be recording a complete suite of L3 videos new for 2019. Best wishes for your L3 studies. Daren Miller