Has anyone used AdaptPrep to prepare?

Has anyone used AdaptPrep to help prepare for this exam? I had a free trial for quantitative methods and thought the videos were pretty good.

I used Adaptprep for L1 but only watched 35% of the videos. Their videos are pretty good in the sense it keeps you interested with the animations and the key points. However at times the videos were too simplistic and did not go through the tougher essence of a topic. I guess the videos are meant to be bite sized so it may be hard for them to fit it in. I also felt their questions were not similar to that of the CFA books and the eventual CFA exam questions. I mostly used the Schwesser books in the end as well as the mocks.

Hope this helps!

I watched their videos on YouTube and then bought the full subscription that I can renew for free if I don’t pass. I really like their videos and felt they helped me. I have a non-finance (legal) background but am forced by circumstance to learn this area very quickly so maybe that has something to do with it. I will tell you how I did after the June test.

I also bought Schweser materials, but they were not working for me. I might still do some mock tests after going through the Adaptprep and CFAI materials.

Another thing I forgot to mention is don’t bother using the adaptprep notes. Way too simplistic to say the least, did not find it useful. Ideally you will be watching the videos as well as reading the Schwesser or CFA material. If you do that you should be fine. But using adaptprep as your only source is detrimental and do not recommend.

At the very least, do the end of chapter questions from the CFA book when you are done with a topic. This will indicate to you whether your choice of study is missing key chunks of the CBOK.

I’ve gone through 3 topics in Adapt’s videos and find them to very good. I’m not using them completely on their own, but also am reading the summaries and working through the EOCs in the CFA texts and doing reasonably well after the videos and notes. If something isn’t clear or in depth enough, then I go to the CFA texts. I also plan to go through the blue box examples in the CFA texts, the topic tests and the mocks and hoping that get me to where I need to be by June.

Seems like you have a pretty solid plan. All the best for the exam!

So how well did adaptprep work for level 3?