Has CAIA actually helped you professionally? How?

As I am about to pay the relatively hefty fees for my CAIA designation, I’m wondering if the designation and the associated membership benefits has helped you professionally? If so, how?

Please share some stories so I can feel a little better about dropping some serious coin for these letters after my name instead of other grown-up indulgences (video games, nice food, vacations etc.)

It’s a growing designation, you’re buying the growth. The meetings and seminars are nice especially if you’re in a major city. My 2c

Depends on what you’re trying to achieve? Gain work as a buy-side hedge fund analyst? Fat chance. I went to a top 5 MBA, have my CFA and CAIA, and I’m not qualified for those roles. Get a job as a manager research analyst at a consulting fir,? Sure, that’s a reasonable expectation.

My company pays my CAIA dues. I sat for it because in my field (asset allocation) the additional knowledge ain’t bad but I certainly learned far more in my MBA and through the CFA program. If I had to pay any more than $100 annually (personally) I probably wouldn’t renew. For reference, this represents .069% of my annual after-tax, after health care, after 401(k), after trading account allocation. So considering it’s not competing for much capital, and I value you it at around $100 (or .069% of this unaccounted for income), that should provide some context. Just one man’s opinion though so I’d ask around.

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