Has CFA helped?

Out of curiosity, has receiving the charter helped? I received it a couple years ago and I have experience. I think it was more of an ego thing for me but it didn’t do much for me career wise.

I wouldn’t have this career without it.

I wonder if you are more the exception! Thanks for all your help back during my papers.

Agreed. It didn’t help my career directly but it does made me more likely to be noticed.

I’m sure that I am.

My career path has been driven by pure, unadulterated serendipity.

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I can’t speak to your back ground and where you want to work.

I worked in the City of London which has a high mix of publically educated well connected individuals working in it. As a person from a working class background with no connections I felt the my qualifications (Masters from LSE, CFA, Other UK qualifications) made the difference in me competing with these people.

I do not think the CFA will make you good at your job.

But when recruiting it either makes you make the cut to the next stage or different from the other people.

Just in order to narrow short lists we would ask for “CFA Level 1” or “CFA Level 2” qualified. It would tell you through something about a persons work ethic and how much you needed to train them.

You can’t pass the CFA without working hard and at the end of it (even though you may have forgotten a lot) you have a broad knowledge of what financial markest are about. When you are competing with people who went thr rights school and know the right people it makes a difference.

The CFA is not going to a solution to a problem but it can be a stepping stone to where you want to go.

Great response. I agree with this. I think it’s time for me to pivot and I think that’s when these letters will help.