Has multi-period performance attribution been tested?

If yes, which year is it?

2002, 1997, 1984, 1973, 1965 and 1960

laugh mcap11, thanks for your due diligence. It’s meanless to me, though.

it will be a freaken nightmare if that topic shows up…

cuz you first have to calculate and distinguish different attributions (even more devastating if there are more than three currency exchange rates involved) and then calculate the multi-period attributions. Not too hard but a lot of labor is required…

stop asking stupid questions and my nonsense responses will cease.

you ask, at least, 3-5, ridiculous questions per day.

mcap11, your response is a lot more aggressive than I thought. nonsense/ridiculous/dumb are all words I saw from your response. Any thing else?

Mcap’s post response was the most worthy post on this thread…as if we are all here to provide a response to this question as if we have nothing better to do with our time.

tulkuu, i think we may just have to critique/explain multiperiod attribution rather than do calcs…for insrance thatwe should not compund attributes over time (if memory serves)

I may have asked the questions in a better way, or L3 way. The dumb question is to me only. No offense, our simple goal is passing.

My lesson is it rarely tests a formula directly. I have a hard time to sort out all formulas, and it’s also very costly to apply them correctly on exam day.

hehe i am oppositie…i rather have more formulas than mind wrenching texts…:slight_smile:

Only 7x7=49 days to go? It’s a lucky number, but I’m a bit nervous.

I sometimes think of Yodas wisdom : Do or do not, there is no try.

you do ask a ton of ridiculous questions, tulkuu. its pretty annoying.

Sorry guys…I’m listening.