Has the SPY hit bottom at $380

Have you heard that June and September are down months for the market? What do you think about the recent rally? Is there more pain to come?

Stonks only go up


Bottom pickers get stinky fingers.

I do have a risk-off bias.


I’m thinking that inflation is not gonna get controlled, and its gonna lead to lower consumer confidence/spending, so I’m gonna guess that 380 is not the bottom.

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Equity markets flat by year end or worst crash of all time.


Burry said the SP is going to $1800, but he’s been early before.

But if the market crashes people will have even less money to fight inflation.

That’s not fair IMO.

Where are are my Biden Bucks, Joe?

I put this together using google finance data. Enjoy!

So we got our answer

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get low low low low

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Toooo the window! Tooo the wall!.

Im going to say we’ll dip below 330.

Based on what? Technicals?

2016 SPY End of yr number * 1.08^ 7

lol at a new job. im raising money now fellas. like 10m last month. gone are the days when i would leave work at 1 pm to take beautiful naps and dream about ariana grande. but i might actually switch to big tech pretty soon.
life is super exhausting fellas. i legit have a real job now working 40 hours a week. mba is another 15 hours per week. curently have a 3.9 gpa so im prolly magna cum laude all over the place. and i spend about 7 hours making tiktok cuz im a fintokker with about 35k followers.
all the plans i had for my 401k which is about 300k just went to a rollover ira index. i rolled over in the middle of this down turn. so instead of losing 60k. i lost only 27k. i bought 10k in a company called pool. current net worth is pegged at 544k.
rates have risen but prices have dropped. so im going to borrow another 60k in student loans so i can invest more in the market. i can still borrow variable at 1% and 3% fixed.



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Starting a gold, silver, copper mining operation in South America.

Let me know if you’re interested.


this cat raised 10m in a recession what a legend

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