Hate to be this person...but justify with one and bullet points

As we all know…bullet points are the way to go. My question is…say we get a justify with one bullet. Any advice on how OTHERS are tackling this would fantastic. I know it’s “question” specific, but for the one reason I’m kind of not sure what is a partial vs full answer, etc.

  • Smoothing spending rate decreases vol of operating expense

Would that be enough? Or do you have to say,

  • Smoothing spending rate decreases vol of operating expenses
  • This is because it depends on mkt values of last 3 years vs 1 year.
  • 1 yea return may have been relatively high, thus increasing the spending, when the year before that may have been a down year.

The second one. I would say you need to make it obvious you know the why when you justify. But it depends on the amount of points a problem is worth. If its worth 2 points, then maybe your first answer is enough. More then that, and IMO it’s definitely too little

Definitely later. The question itself says pick 1 and justify (1+2).

for example:

pick 1 action to decrease spending rate volatility = use smoothing rule

justify: blah blah say 3 sentences even though it is for 2 marks.