Have I earned the right to wear this?

I’m either buying a Patagucci, or this. Just not sure which one yet. The CFA one is $145 >.<


Product Description The Shefford Heat Panel Vest delivers lightweight, water-repellent warmth with a shot of exciting technology. The chest and back have interior heat panels powered by a power bank with temperature controlled at the touch of a button. The three temperature settings are: Blue - Low: 100 degrees F, White - Medium: 113 degrees F and Red - High: 131 degrees F. A power bank with a minimum of 5,000 mAh is required to heat the vest. Power bank sold separately.

Remember to take the power bank out before you wash it. :+1:

That is one piece of clothing I will never, ever own.

It’s no dopp kit.


So this means it’s “not” douchey for me to buy/wear?

How easily does it fold down???

Any vest is a douchebag look.

Then it is perfect!

I’ll send you one of our vests for free. They come in blue or black.

I’m a little rattled that they don’t have a t-shirt that says “guaranteed superior returns” on it.

You’re the real MVP.

are you sure they dont come in black and yellow


If you wear that vest in a non ironic way, I guarantee that at least one person will run up to you on the street and kick you in the balls.

If I ever wear one of these fleece/puffy vest at the office, especially at an edgy place with no dress code, I’m not going to wear anything underneath, just like pac so I can make people feel uncomfortable.

I wear a cup every day - because you never know when.