Have not received the result mail from CFA

I have seen that many people received the email from CFA that announce the day that CFA will provide the result of June test. I check my email and have not received anything from CFA since my exam. Are there any problem with my test and performance? i am very worry now, appreciate your helps and suggestions!

Check junk/spam folder since emails from CFAI might be sorted there. Anyway you shouldn’t be worry. Many friends of mine did not receive such the email last year and they still passed .

ty for your experience, i am so worry since i heard about the email from my friends, feel relief now

Hey same here man… Did not receive any mails…

i emailed CFA institue and they said that they cant locate with the information i gave. i hope that it’s only the technical problems… so worry

If you were being investigated, Im sure you would have heard by now. I think you have nothing to worry about

if you can access your cfa account then you are safe…