Have signed up for level III

Cannot believe that I passed Level II with so much ease. All sections are above 70% except equity, which is above 50%. I only read Schweser for level 2 and I have only worked on Practice Exam 1. During the two months leading to the real exam, I have: 1) Bought a house. 2) Did a major remodeling 3) Had a second kid, and it is a boy! I only spent less than 50 days to study while working full time. And this morning I was really, really scared to turn on the computer. But can you imagine my feeling when I know the result? What a summer! Who is going to join me for Level III? Let’s take a monster’s ride through level III.

I studied for 15 seconds and I passed…

Make fun of me anyway you want! I just want to show off, bloody show off of my luckiness and smartness. I feel now invincible! Better join me or you will be crushed!

want a cookie? i mean really, these guys who are bragging about passing with all above 70s, etc. get annoying. you and I are at the exact same place as a L3 candidate, no matter how you got there!

i studied but only in my sleep, which was only 30 minutes a night, and i didnt sleep in april or may at all. I am thinking of changing my screen name to CFA_Master_Zombie