Have studied 5 FI chapters - Brain Exploded.

This thing, I tell you, I can’t remember a god damn thing. I wish I had studied FI alone for 2 weeks.

Pac 1 tranche is better than Pac 2. That is all I remember.

Well I went 1/6 in a fixed income vignette this weekend if that makes you feel any better (Fixed Income is usually one of my stronger areas…sigh). ONE for SIX!

The relationships in FI are very counterintuitive sometimes. Furthermore, they have a cascading and transitive relationships too, which sends my head in a spin.

there’s a reason why wall street collapsed. joe blow wouldn’t know what a CMO was if it hit him in the face!

I just got done doing the same thing, I did readings 51-59 in Schweser for most of the last few hours. I did really well on the end of chapter questions and made a lot of new note cards, but we’ll see how much I retain when I try to work some other problems. FI was one of the areas that the Schweser program said I needed to work on after I input all of my exam scores into their program.


Am getting nervous about FI too esp since i can’tfit MBS/ABS in my head…thinking of completing the EOCs… any clue if they are any good? :-/

what are EOCs anyway?

EOC s are questions which appear at the end of most readings in the CFAI texts.

chuckrox: that 1/6 is just an outlier…i would ignore it… :slight_smile: