Have taken 3 practice level 1 Schweser mocks with ~70% average and I've flatlined...how to proceed from now????

Test 1: 68.8% total (with 58.3% ethics score)

Test 2: 71.7% total (with 66.7% ethics score)

Test 3: 69.2% total (with 58.3% ethics score)

Looks like my Schweser mock exams (all timed, with mock testing conditions) are 68.8%, 71.7%, and 69.2%–its seems like I’ve flat-lined. Any advice how to proceed??? I can’t seem to improve my ethics–some of the questions just seem to vague or confusing to be able to confidently answer.

The only advice you can be given is the obvious stuff; closely review the questions that you have been getting wrong and make sure that you understand why you were wrong. Try to re-read through reading 2 in the remaining weeks until the exam; just focus on the examples in particular as these are the key elements that you will need to recall on exam day.

Beyond that, just keep plugging questions. I actually think the answers in ethics are pretty ‘obvious’ in most cases, but the difficulty arises from the way that they intentionally word the questions in challenging ways. Once you get used to it it’s actually not that bad. I’ve said it a couple of times, but the online CFA topic tests are an invaluable resource.

Best of luck.

It seems you already know what you should do… practice more Ethics questions! Reading the chapter again will help you understand the sometimes subtle differences of different standards. I agree that some of the Ethics questions are a little vague, but you should not be scoring below than 60%. I would aim for at least 70%.