Have to use continuous blank answer pages for written exam?

In order to avoid paper shuffling, is it okay to not use the back pages of the available pages on the written exam?

They seem to provide more than enough blank sheets for each set of answers and it would avoid flipping the pages so much during the exam.

Just worried that if they hit a blank page in the answers, they will assume there are no more written answers to be graded for that question set.

I have also strayed into right column where it says ‘CFA Institute Use Only’ column on the mock exams, like maybe a few letters. Assume that isn’t going to cause major issues?

I realize this is trivial crap, but these things keep me awake at night.

please write on ruled paper only. look at the 2013 / 2014 papers posted on teh website where they give you the exact question booklet format. Print it out on 2-sided printer to ensure you are familiar and comfortable with the format.

please do not write on paper which has the question on it.

Use the templates sheet (and learn to look for those) up ahead of time to save you the trouble of writing out the answer in the template again.

Do not write in areas marked “CFA Institute use” only.

Also - do not know if this makes sense - but if there are multiple parts to a question - I made sure to write A) on page 1 and even if there was place left over on the bottom of the page to start Part B) I wrote Part B) on page 2. So I made sure to start each part on a separate page.

I then had enough place to strike out / rewrite answer if necessary.


Important point here … for the template questions where you are required to mark a choice and then provide a justification on the right side - I made sure to mark my choice in pencil (initially) and write the justification in pen. That way - I could on a 2nd pass make a correction to my choice - if my later pass gave me fresh insight to the question. I could then strike out my justification in entirety with pen and rewrite that part.


When you say do not write on pages with questions on it, do you mean do not try to answer/show work on these pages, or are you literally not supposed to make marks on these pages? I like to underline certain things to highlight points I think are important as I go through the material.

It seems strange that you wouldn’t be allowed to make any marks, but understandable that they wouldn’t grade anything on those pages.

You can write on the question pages, but nothing you write on those pages will be graded.

i meant - do not write on that page, and expect it to be graded.

Alright, that’s what I figured but thought I would clarify in case I missed something when I was head-deep in text books.

Thanks for your responses everyone.