Have you ever interviewed with a famous person?

So, lets say that my friend has an interview coming up, and one of the interviewers is a world class BSD - as in, you have almost definitely heard of him. Have any of you guys ever interviewed with high profile people before? Did you freeze up from the star power, or was it just normal? Thanks.

My college roomate once interviewed with a guy who was one of the youngest partners and former COO of Goldman Sachs. This was when we were looking for finance internships in college. He, (my buddy) was late to the interview and forgot to wear a suit, showed up in weird clothes, all sweaty, and didnt know the position details.

Ok… I’ll take that as an example of what not to do…

Keep making references to other slightly less famous people in his related field like “well so and so said in an interview recently” while making it clear you have no idea who he is by mispronouncing his name and asking him how it’s spelled etc. Take detailed notes on how this goes.

My buddy interviewed with Cramer…boo yaa!!!

I want to interview with G. Roch Decter…

Who is the guy, is it Henry Paulson?

I was once in a lift on my own with John Mack (CEO of Credit Suisse First Boston back when I worked there). I had 15 seconds maybe to have my “Secret of my Success mail-room to boardroom” moment and make an impression. But I was just coming down from the cafeteria where I had made myself a croissant with jam and my hand was covered in croissant grease. So I just froze and just sat there and didn’t say anything. The lift stopped and he got out. That’s my brush with fame. I shared the same lift air with the CEO and breathed in the sweet smell of success.

Yeah, I hung out in a lift with Lula once. It wasn’t an interview, though. I did get interviewed to work with Barry Ritholtz, who’s on Bloomberg and CNBC a lot. I liked him, but alas, I guess he didn’t like me. I was bummed by that. I also interviewed with Ralph Schlosstien as he was starting up Evercore. He was pretty dismissive and I later found myself relieved that he didn’t like me. But my best brush with fame was when Linda Evangelista invited me to have a drink with her when I stood next to her at a restaurant. Alas, I did not know who she was at the time, but she was indeed *very* pretty.

Larry Fink was once in line at Starbucks right in front of me. I didn’t even notice it was him until he delivered the keynote speech 10 minutes later. Pretty sure he just ordered regular coffee, but I wasn’t paying attention.

I did it years ago. It wasn’t a job interview but a presentation when I worked at a strategy consulting firm. The guy had several layers of guys on his staff managing his time and filtering irrelevant things. They made me talk about my stuff in advance to see what was important and what was useless ish. I originally had a 20/25-min presentation and the last guy before seeing Mr. Omniscient said: “alright, you have five minutes and two slides tops. We’ll call you and you get in.”

I was once in an elevator at the Four Seasons in Mexico City with a guy that looked like Keanu Reeves with a beard. I said, “Dude, you look like Keanu Reeves with a beard.” He said, “I bet I do.” Then I realized he was Keanu Reeves … with a beard.

My buddy is a health care analyst and met with Obama when he was a Senator at the beginning of his presidential run when Obama was starting on the framework for Obamacare. My buddy wanted to tell Obama to essentially create a bigger carrot through longer patent laws to incentivize the Health Care industry spend more on R&D. He says, “Obama just wanted to talk about Basketball.” On the way out of the meeting, my buddy says to his boss, a billonaire that you guys definitely know, “Do you think he’ll be President?” His boss responds, “No you idiot, he’s black.”

I read Barry’s blog, and I like his attitude towards most topics. He seems like he would be a good guy to hang out with