Have you found ...

that when you read the CFAI notes that there is a tendency of the author to repeat the point many many times? I am not having fun reading #27 Fixed Income and immunization strategies and it really not helping me when I keep reading the the same point and am wondering if I am caught in a loop! although the schweser notes are not helping either.

“Repetition builds mastery”…isn’t that a quote? If not it should be.

can the starter of the thread please you amend your thread title to something that actually means something?

like all the other threads? sounds like you are the on with the problem

The Edge Like other forum members, I try to help out by answering valid questions (which includes your ones)… it just becomes frustrating that there are a handful of non-descript titles to threads, so you feel obliged to open each one just so you can remind yourself of what the author is asking. I feel it’s basic forum etiquette to other members just to be concise and obvious in the thread title.

bigwilly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “Repetition builds mastery”…isn’t that a quote? > If not it should be. wax on, wax off

I’m only 100 or so pages into Book 2, but I agree completely. Every readings seems to just repeat overconfidence, heuristic bias, etc

overconfidence leads to narrow confidence intervals… conservatism: people do not adjust their beliefs after new information arrived representativeness: people tend to… arrgggghhhhh