Have you guys seen the L3 printed curriculum yet?

All I have to say is wow. The quality of these books is dropping hard.

To go from



to this


to this (2nd pic)


At this rate by 2017 it’ll just have the titles on a blank white cover. lmao

don’t judge a book by its cover brah

I don’t follow. They don’t look any less elaborate than the L2 books. Just less pages.

hey man if im gonna be bleeding my eyes out on these books I’d like the cover to at least be inviting lol

They’re dropping the amount of color used on the covers (prior, at least the bottom half was filled with pictures, now just a single small image). They also made the interiors greyscale last year I think

My L1 books had blue boxes…and blue shading on headings, chapter summaries, etc

My L2 books had grey boxes…no color on in the entire text besides the front and back covers.

Weak if you ask me…

Seriously lacking in the T&A department. That’s why I use schweser.

2015 books look the same as 2014 pretty much.

the paper quality was pretty rubbish but it does the job.

But compared to the yearly increasing exam fee and number of candidates, I wonder where the money has gone.

hope I won’t ever have to…as a candidate :-/

I really don’t mind the quality, I think it’s fine. What I do mind is a 275% price increase for a much poorer quality product (physically, not content). Additionally, I think I remember back at Level I being able to choose between ebook or text or taking both. It’s shady that they bake the ebook into the price then show it to you broken out when you actually pay. They definitely should let you opt out of the ebook. Hunch is they are paying a pretty penny for the ebook and new online mock exams etc… and need to offset somewhere…

Am I the only weirdo who exclusively used ebooks for all three levels?

CFAI has a T&A Department?? Sweet!

the right word


You might be. Don’t your eyes hurt? You should use a backscreen filter to limit the amount of blue light from your screen.

I never noticed eye pain, but maybe I was numb to it after a while. If anything I think my neck would’ve hurt if I was hunched over a book for hundreds of hours over the past 2 years. If I don’t get good news in 5 days maybe I’ll study from the book next time.

Keep in mind that they went through a logo change…Personally, I think the covers look sleek. I do find that the paper could be a little stronger through. And if not that then the ink. I hate when I erase something I scribbled in my book and then it takes the ink with it.

Bought printed books for L1&2 and barely used them. I feel like it always seems like a good idea to use CFAI text, but then you realize it’s riddled with untestable bullshit and you go back to Schweser or whatever. Not sure what to do. Is there anything about L3 that might be different?

I am in the same situation. I feel the best thing to do is the following:

  • Read Schweser notes

  • Do all end of chapter problems in CFAI books

  • A LOT of practice exams (Anywhere else I can get practice exams besides the couple provided by CFAI and the 6 mocks provided by Schweser?)

Everyone agree? or have any comments? Please share. I don’t mind if you guys answer in 5 days.


Read CFA text. Do EOCS. Do exams.

I like the supplemental info. It is interesting and helps you understand the material better.

Just differentiate between testable and not testable.