Have you had any problem with Schweser delivering the material?

I ordered for the premium solution, Flashcards and the MP3 Cds together. While submitting the order, I was told that the order may be shipped in parts. I received the shipment of premium solutions; no MP3s and Flashcards. I called them to cancel the other two things they never delivered. According to their records, its included in the package. They are asking 8 days to track it. Seems like they have a problem to believe and help. koch.

I didn’t receive two books when I got the essential package. Upon inquiry they sent it right out.

Since my order is two months old, they have problem with it. I fail to check the packing-slip and the content of the packet.

i got a book with the Book 5 cover, and the FSA material inside of it instead. They sent me a new one as soon as i called.

Yes, I’ve found them to be very helpful. I wonder how many copies and different orders they send out each year.