Have you started?

Have been reading schweser occasionally and sporadically for a couple of months. Way too many other things going on to properly focus on studying. About 1/3 through book 4…just reading at this point. It may come down to taking a few weeks off work and just grinding through it. I am not concerned or worried. The designation makes zero difference for my job, pay, etc., so my level of motivation is not the same as some others on here. Most people on AF start early and are top tier writers with serious motivation and interest. I don’t think responses on here are representative of the typical writer.

next week

june 1st

Started last week of January and my goal is to finish up first read through of Schweser by the end of the weekend. (I read about half of CFAI texts too, but gave up b/c it was taking too long and I wasn’t remembering any of it anyway)

I started on March 3. I finished reading rapidly the Schw. books. I’m going to start working with the SS now and really focus and focus. The designation will make no direct difference for me professionally (no salary / responsiblity increase as a direct consequence of passing) but I want to have it. I decided to take it about two years ago and I want to have it. This is a kind of personal challenge. If I don’t pass this year, my EMBA will keep me busy next so it would be postponed to 2011 or 2012. So I prefer to suffer now for the next 2 months rather than have it in mind for the next 2 years… Is L3 more difficult than L2? Yeah, I’m not very confident with the essay part… There is a lot of discussion. I prefered the 300 formulas of L2… Good luck (but the latest you start, the better for me) !

Started on 5/4/2009.

Started in mid January but was slow. I changed firms in mid December so that has been distraction. Done so far. 1) Listened to the Schweser Videos to get the overview of the material 2) First read of all the Schweser notes 3) 55% through Qbank (done SS 1-8, and 11). Goal is to get those done in the next two weeks, then 4) Read 2 of the Schweser materials 5) CFAI 2006-2008 Essay Questions. 6) Secret Sauce 7) Schweser 3 day in Atlanta (moved from the Philly one since I needed more time) 8) Schweser and CFAI mocks. 9) Pray.

Just got my books. I realize I need secret sauce. Does anybody have the pdf copy of this sauce? Thanks in advance.

Here you go man. I hope this helps: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Secretsauce.JPG

McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Here you go man. I hope this helps: > > > > http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd > /Secretsauce.JPG McLeod81; I like it, can I get a copy formyself as well?

Nice try, but everyone knows that secret sauce is really just thousand island dressing. McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Here you go man. I hope this helps: > > > > http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd > /Secretsauce.JPG

Start Today!

McLeod81 can you email me a copy of your pdfs? Surely they will help me to pass. Please advice.

McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Here you go man. I hope this helps: > > > > http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd > /Secretsauce.JPG Well played!

Dwight Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Please advice. haha classic!

Will start very soon! Should I register first or start studying. I am thinking about starting on June 7th. Would it be too late? please advice.

Finally got my @ss in gear last week. Been hitting 80 pages a day since. It’s going to be close.

Started on Fool’s day. Skimming 30 pages a day. Will be very close. How do you read 80 pages per day? I usually doze off. Level II material was so much more interesting.