Have you uploaded Schweser Videos in Apple IPOD

Hi all, Does anyone know that how can we upload all the videos on our Apple IPOD as i guess that they run on HTML page.

yes, there’s an avi file for each video in the CD, just look for them there

But i need the Left Hand Side PPT also in that video. Will that be visible too or we have just the lecturar speaking out.

How did you already get the Schweser L2 videos?

dude its for 2008. I am studying from 2008 material right now

It’s just the video of the professor speaking. You will not see the ppt slides. I put a bunch of these videos on my ipod a few weeks back, but didn’t find it very beneficial. I’d rather just take a book with me and watch the videos on a computer another time.

yeah u r right,its better to look them on laptop. Howz ur prepration going,I am not getting that addiction of studying.Is this same happening with you also