haven't done anything productive since taking level II

So after taking level II, aside from work stuff I haven’t done anything productive, been playing video games lol. Anyone else like me?

Preparing for CMT Level 1. I find the curriculum rather interesting.

I wanted to just chill but I decided it’s a good time to get things done. I’m doing some P90x here and there to burn off the excess I put on over Jul 13 - Jun 14, work, also improving modelling skills and networking.

I wanna get out of my current job by the end of this year so networking pretty hard, passing LII would also help a bit lol.

I’ve also been catching up on a few games; Skyrim, FIFA 14 etc.

Neither do I, Im waiting for the result and hoping it is positive in order to present FRM I on Nov . I think that if I dont pass, I wont have the willingness in order to study for FRM.

Perhaps it is normal, also I changed my job on April, so Im using this “free time” to catch up everything here.

Again, you are not alone

If you want to do something productive, try to bake a chocolate soufflé. Should you succeed, you’ll be able to celebrate in style.

You would technically have to be baking while waiting for results on 07.29 if you would like to enjoy the souffle at it’s optimal eating time. Don’t forget the scoop of vanilla ice cream and some fresh mint on top with powdered sugar.

Peppermint, not spearmint.

(I hate spearmint.)

I’ve become a junkie, constant alcohol intake killing off thy brain cells i might or might not need to retake L2

I learned crocheting! Made hats, scarves and slippers for my kids, knitting sweaters next! :slight_smile:


i’ve played so much career mode that the board of directors of the club decided to force-retire me. just when i had built an all 90+ team.

Hahhahaha - nice… I only play online…

Pretty much been hungover since the morning after exam day, I’ve read a couple books, but nothing else productive … although I do plan on classifying watching NFL preseason games as “being productive”

^^^ I just Lolled

Does suit shopping count? I’ve been doing Brooks Brothers lunch breaks on the reg.

buy me some suits brah, i’m poor af

WC 14, running, tennis, and work. Can’t stand this last week of waiting. Wish CFAI would release early like FRM does sometimes.

working out and making gains - reading books - CSC