Haven't received Exam Results Date Email

I haven’t received Exam Results Date Email yet. But many of my friends got it two days ago. What is the problem?

Did your spam folder mate? Even if you didnt get, just make an enquiry to the institute to confirm they have your right email Id. Dont worry, it doesnt mean anything as some people might infer/claim.

All the best.

Mosts likely you are the subject of a PCP investigation. If I were you I would just call and confess that you cheated now - they will likely go easier on you that way.

Guy from India using the word “mate” ? That’s new

Should be the same email address as the one you received your exam ticket with. Check in your spam folder, otherwise, I would get in touch with CFAI.

you guys are a bunch of haters lol. watch him be the only person that passed lol


googlemail moves it in spam folder

It didn’t for me. Maybe you’ve reported spam previous CFAI e-mails.