havent started yet

Hey ya all ! Hws it going ? I havent yet started my prep for level II as of now. Got my final semester exams of my MBA from 4th till 9th. then m going on a small vacation so i guess I’ll have one and a half month or prep time. Do you think that its possible …? But yea i will have one and a half month of every moment in each day but i cant say if i’ll be able to use the time to the fullest. Seems that i need to freak out like a lot of ppl here but i just cant. So somebody’s gotta help me become aware that i reali need to get going or something … hehe !

i’m on book 1 brother. and working, should be a fun 2 months. all i can say for motivation is that you’ll enjoy the summer twice as much if you put your head in a book for 2 months and deprive yourself of all that summer fun until its done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pick me up gurjeet! While I’m sure it’s possible to pass, you just improved my odds.

Black Swan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thanks for the pick me up gurjeet! While I’m sure > it’s possible to pass, you just improved my odds. Unfortunately he didn’t…unless his post put you in a better frame of mind for studying.

I have only done Schweser Econ, Quant, & FSA, currently working on Corp. Fin. but nothing is stock to my memory…I am going to step it up and start reading faster and getting through Schweser so I can actually get some questions done and learn the material…so I think you should be okay given you have 1.5 months completely free to just study 8-10 hrs per day. If you do 45 days of 10hrs per day…you will pass.

I did Level 2 last year and put in quite a bit of effort - but clearly didn’t pass it. This year I haven’t turned a page in the book as I got layed off from my job and have been focusing on a job search. Obviously, I have a LOT of time on my hands now, My questions are: 1) Should I even attempt studying at this point? 2) Anyone done this before - a hard effort from April 1 and still pass? I appreciate your thoughts and advice!!!

I don’t think it can be done.

it can be done!!!

It can always be done…there are 24 hours in a day remember. Sleeping is overrated!

Please elaborate why or why not. I am really stressed and at cross roads as to whether I should start or not even bother. I am looking to you guys to give me your guidance and advice. I did try to read through Study Session 8 and the stuff is definitely familiar and I am picking it up pretty fast. So I guess in a way I am sort of a warm body to the material.

Haven’t started studying yet. I’m probably screwed, but I’ve pulled off bigger miracles. PM me your email, we can try to pace eachother to make sure we stay focused.

Zephyr, I passed Level I in a month and a half while working full time. It’s pretty easy to figure out - going by the 250 hour mark, divide that by 60. Although my brain’s fairly fried from my reading tonight, I’m thinking that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.2ish hours per day. Can you do that or not? We can’t tell you what type of desire and/or dedication you have; that’s on you to figure out brother. Take a look in the mirror.

Skill brings the wood.

skillionare I double that!

Try and tell us if it’s possible. How the hell should I know?

If you’re not working, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible, plus you should have a handle on the majority of concepts from last year. I’d go for it no question if I was in your shoes.

“I don’t think it can be done.” Sounds like a challenge…I’m in.

i dont care

that might be a good opportunity for someone to learn about market making. if I had time, I’d create a standard contract and start accepting bids and offers on gurjeet passing Level II.

We should seriously create a swap-like derivative based on the performance of an underlying pool of the individuals that have started within 2 months of the test date. 50-50 odds, one tranche of inverse floaters (anything below the average pass rate announced by CFAI is money to them from the other tranche) and one tranche of floaters (anything above the average pass rate announced by CFAI is money to them from the inverse tranche). Settled in a one time payment the day results come out. If anyone’s asking, I’m in the inverse pool, no offense, just looking at it statistically you have nothing in your favor other than a unique shielding of blind optimism.