Haven't studied for five nights and am completely apathetic at the wrong time

This is the first of the CFA exams where I have actually listed to my body and put the books down when it seemed that my brain needed a break. I started a bit earlier than for L1 and 2. I think we all feel that wall and when you do, as the others mentioned a run or some sort of exercise will definitely help. Another idea is to get a massage. I’ve found that it clears my mind and helps my focus. I’m going to get one this afternoon!

We have two weeks left. Take care of yourself, stay healthy and don’t burn out now. Stay focused - we’ve all put a lot time and effort into studying for this exam so finish strong and then we can all have our lives back in two weeks.

I went jogging today cleared my mind but felt too lazy to study; managed to pull 4 hours which is relatively low since its a saturday. Hoping to pull 3 more hours, but its already 9:30 PM … lol red bull it is.

Good suggestion…I’m fully motivated now, but I doubt it’ll last for another 2 weeks. Mark’s away from books is a good strategy – accumulate energy/morale/etc. I may choose to sleep earlier so to bank some power for e-day.

Feeling so damm saturated! The weather outside is just perfect here in New York!

For the last 2 hours, since I woke up, just staring at that one page, not able to move ahead…

anybody with me?

yes… struggling to start

i just learned institutional ips : non life,endowments,banks just now…happy haappy sunday

Have come down with a cold today. Not the best timing, but it could be worse. At last I’ve still got two weeks left, plus I took off work so should be able to get over this thing no problem.

I remember getting sick the week before L1, but ended up passing that exam (on like 1-2 hours of sleep to boot!). That was a total mind over matter experience…

These last couple of week are always difficult when the weather is so nice. There is a street fair right near my apartment today. Tough to pass it all and walk in knowing that I wont be seeing much sun today. Oh well, its all good if the news in August is positive.

Listening to song ~~~We shall overcome~we shall overcome we shallovercome someday. (on 2nd or 3rd june…lol…(Hindi version Hum honge Kamyab)…on Sun nite …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhnPVP23rzo

^ The unfortunate relality is that 50% of us would be still missing the next years Memorial Day weekend :frowning: (and the street fairs). Why don’t they just pass eveyone this year!

hey hey… we’re AF folks, our pass rate is way higher than the 50% average

In what part of the city? I live off of 9th Ave in midtown west and we have a street fair. Its a madhouse and so nice out. I’m at work doing an all day mock and taking a short break.

I was there 2 weeks ago, didn’t even come close to my weekly quota. 3 years of this is a long time.

But I have got myself up and out of the house to study. Bring a buddy to the library or get to the office and just grind it out.

I plan to do an all out assualt on this material in the next 2 weeks near 160 hours. It us vs them.

Here is the best video to motivate yourself


life is a game of inches

im the same way, started burnng out last week so just did light notes review (i have 4 full pads of notes). felt like i learned nothing last week =/

took 2012 mock today and hoping to get it in gear next 2 weeks. motivation is lacking plus work does not help.

taking the week before the exam off…

btw, how are you all managing your sleep schedule, no matter what i do i can never get a full night sleep the night before the test. my plan is to wake up at 7 for the next 2 weeks and go to sleep before 12.

any help?