Haven't studied for five nights and am completely apathetic at the wrong time

Can’t seem to open a book to save my life. Somebody slap some sense into me. Usually I’m putting in 4 hours a night and freaking out by about now, but I just don’t care? Only seem to study on the weekends.

I’ve been hitting it really hard the last few weeks, and have felt the same way. I took last night off, and am taking tonight off. Given how well you know the material, I actually think its a good thing getting away from it for a while. There are still two weeks left, which is a ton of time, so once you feel recharged, you’ll have time to cover any weak areas. I’m more worried about burning out at this point tham I am not knowing some of the material, so taking time off is a good idea if you have scored real well on practice exams and feel you know the material well.

go for a run, clear your mind. it’s what i do when i’m burning out.

get up and something, even if it’s going to a local coffee shop, grabbing a tea, and going for a walk. decompress.

I really need to be studying, I am in a very bad shape, however things that come up take my time. While they are not exactly playing around, I seem to not mind giving them all the time the issues require, urgant or not, seems like I am always begging for something to distract me…

I say I am not going out, if a friend calls and said you wana, i stop him and just say yes !!! I go out anywhere !!

I am going to be very disappoited in myself, I decide to take the next 14 days off from work. I do not know if it is enough to turn things around, but maybe at 10 hours a day it would be possible ?


I happens to me all the time, I usually take a break from studying to freshen up my mind.

Like Friday evening’s are one of those days, where I keep it light. After work, I usually go out for drinks and dinner and start fresh on Sat. Try this out and you will feel focussed over the weekend.

1/2 day does not make or break at the level which you are already at in terms of studying.

Enjoy and don’t get burned.

go for a run, clear your mind. it’s what i do when i’m burning out.

best advice of the lot. Excercise does wonders for your self-confidence ( not bias ).

I’m pacing myself. don’t always plow forward at 110% because you’ll burn out some, and then you won’t want to study

Listen to this and other motivational stuff when you go run and it will really boost the confidence… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX39J_YyKbs

Exercise when you are feeling sorry for yourself. Just tell yourself it is only 2 weeks, how bad can it really be? Then we will never have to do this again!

how many flash cards you got, mark? how often do you use them, just curious…

Make that 6 nights.

Prophets - zero

Having the same problem. I’ve held to my insane study schedule for weeks and weeks and then this week, I just blew it. I even went out for a beer with friends after studying last night. Pretty much haven’t studied all week. Mindset just got a bit burnt out. I’m going to come back swinging though. Schweser mock tomorrow, friends tomorrow night, then two weeks of moderate intensity.

I usually try to taper off a bit. It helps me to relax more than anything and this isn’t the first time i’ve sat for this mother. It’s all up there, I just need to remember to add inflation to the required return this time (or whatever I did wrong on that one question last year to ruin another 9 months of my life.)

''Don’t worry . i am sure you will pass"

exactly the kind of thread i was looking to put…just got up after yesterday’s long booze off…couldn’t open a book for the last few days…wifey really scolded now in the morning telling how could you afford to drain time at this time when the demon is just 13 days away…I don’t know I am feeling like that exam day should now be tomorrow only & whatever has to happen will happen…its really enough now…

wifey? lol, how old are you guys? i m 26

Alladin, um 28…recently married…would you believe i took books along on my honeymoon trip :D…since the day we are married, wifey has seen me books in my hands…she really hates the bald guy on the SCH books front cover (2010 edition)…even she says often, dont study this much or else you gonna be bald like him…lol

haha thanks rahuls…cfa on honeymoon…my god…

I had the same thing, I am 250 hours in since Jan, had burn out this week, so did only a few hours here and there, I have 14 days, as mine is on a Sunday. Going to give it a final push from now in. A slack week did me a world of good, manage a good 7 hours today.


Feeling it too. I know so little and have got so much to do, but I’m feeling so lazy at the moment. Yep, it’s that utterly fed up CFA just around the corner feeling…

Tonight… I’m going to take off and watch Chelsea (hopefully) win the Champions League… Come on you blues!

Glad I am not alone guys!

It is tough at this point in the game, but design a schedule with at least a morning or afternoon per day (both on weekends) with some time saved for eocs/bbs/flash cards and stick to it! 2009 morning here I go…