Having further pondered the 3Q format....

I find that at least when I am studying using Stalla’s passmaster software (which is designed to ask you the questions you missed again on the second pass) that the 3Q format is seriously messing me up. I keep getting the really hard questions that I know I need to see again RIGHT! just by accidentally guessing correctly. And then I don’t get to review them again without physically hunting them down. I know that there is a “Mark” function but I just make the point because, observationally, after about 100 or so item sets - my experience is that guessing is making a much bigger impact than I had hoped or expected. I understand the math behind 33% chance vs. 25% and all, but experiencing the results in practice is a little shocking.

I’m worried about the multiple paragraph question followed by a bunch of additional questions (like reading comprehension) - any strategy you are using to work through these types of problems?

Well, on the bright side - when you’re reviewing stuff that you just read, its great to do item sets because it really tests your holistic knowledge. As far as strategy goes… um coffee and zero distractions. I go to Sbucks because they don’t have free internet so I’m not tempted to surf. Honestly, I am reading the questions so meticulously that I’m doing pretty poorly with time management. Hopefully I can speed it up. But its so much info at once that you just have to go back and reread things a couple of times. Best of luck to you and all

I just hit pause on Stalla and write down the answer as I know I just guessed it right.