Having multiple professional designations / licensures

I’m on a posting binge before I have to go into hibernation for studying, but I promise this is my last new topic (for the week haha). Does anyone here have multiple professional designations / licensure (especially in different fields) and been able to maintain all of them? I was in the process of getting some new ones approved by the big boss, and he warned me that I have to be careful because of all of the continuing education requirements, especially if the designations are in different fields. He told me that for himself, he had to let go of some of them due to the amount of hours involved. If I choose to get multiple designations, I will have to use my vacation time to get my CPE’s fulfilled. So now, I’m thinking about it carefully… I will probably try to get the most important ones. Your thoughts?

http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?1,512048,512048#msg-512048 Ocean Mist, You may find this helpful. This was my first post on AF. Personally I’m going for the CFA/CAIA. Both do not have continuing education requirements. I enjoy the money management space, and both of these designations help further my credentials in that space.

The CPE requirements for the CPA are a pain. However, I have discovered that the big 4 offer free “webminars” that you can take from your desktop. I just turn off the volume, and only pay attention when I have to answer a multiple choice question which is used for them to track that you have attended. I can knock out 3 CPE credits per week just doing this + they are live credits which my state requires (at least 20% need to come from a live environment as opposed to self study) For next level of the CFA, hopefully III or repeat of II, I might go with Stalla instead of Schweser. It looks like you can count some of your study as CPE.

AlexP, you are a genius. I can’t thank you enough. You are THE awesome.