Having trouble concentrating

I can sit at my desk for hours… but find myself not really moving forward. It’s frustrating. Hope it’s just a bad day… sucks

Learning doesn’t usually take place in a straight-line way. You have periods like this where it seems like you are not learning much and then you have a period where 50 things click on all of a sudden. You probably are learning a lot; it’s just bouncing around your brain looking for a place to stick. In a couple of weeks you will probably have one of those days where you can’t believe how easy all this is all of a sudden. Keep pressing and you’ll get it done.

Thanks! That is just what I needed. :slight_smile:

it happens. during may, i found it helpful to WALK for 1/2 hour and clear my head. think about the beig picture and what the test is looking from you, grab a light latte and hit the books again. after 8 hours, you are pretty much burned out, so give it 8 hrs a day on weekends, and 2-4 on weekdays and you should be fine

I wish i had kept reviewing the past material that i had studied, i mean i’ve started doing some Q-Bank questions and have reliazed that i’ve probably forgotten about 75% of the material i was WAXING!! back then. I pretty much gotta go over it again which is freaking me out!!! I’m starting to reach the conclussion that the CFA is actually all about the person who has the better memory. How could they possibly expect us to remmeber all this information?? (250 hours??? yeah right!!)

I look at it this way: If you are really interested at the subjects, you’ll put more of your heart into it and you’ll remember/understand it better. If you take it just as a business, then remembering 25% of what you studied is pretty much a feat!