Having trouble uploading and linking images.

I’m clicking the “image” icon and filling out the link info, but it won’t load the image. Help!

I am unable to reproduce the issue. Which browser are you using? I know we had a similar issue a while back with members using IE. This was posted with Chrome.

Then this works only in Chrome. I cannot insert picture in Opera nor in Safari as well.

Are you trying to paste the image or the URL of the image? It looks like Edge does not allow the user to copy the image URL so you might need to use another browser such as Chrome if you want to copy the URL.

I’m trying to paste full picture not URL from local disc. I’m able to paste only link to pictures from web, cannot paste local pictures. I do not use Chrome. Maybe OP has same problem.

Unfortunately this is a browser and admin setting issue so there is nothing we can do to fix it on our end. If you cannot paste the image directly into the editor then you will need to click on the image icon and paste the image URL into the dialog window.

OK Chad. I will try to play with that as soon as I would have time. Thxs.