HBK Capital Management

Have you heard about this fund, how is it repuation?

ban this troll

one of the best and most selective funds out there.

Nice firm.

Will you choose this fund over say goldman asset management.

I’ve heard they are having some redemption issues lately

yeah…i’ve heard they are good at dishing out some ‘sweet chin music’

Syd_RE, seriously, I mean HBK is going to be a better option than GSAM for your career?

MBAFinance, your questions on this board bring me a great quantity of entertainment

How the hell are they employing 400 people with only 14Bn AUM??? MBAFinance: Out of respect for AF members, please only ask questions if you actually have career options (i.e. offers… or interviews if you must). Please don’t ask questions about career opportunities you wish you had. We don’t need random engineers asking random questions about “switching to finance”. Every question you’ve asked on this forum shows just how little you know. If you must hang out here, please read more and talk less. Maybe you’ll learn something. This forum is for serious people: CFA candidates, charterholders and other professionals working in the investment field. If you are not in this category please buzz off. Thanks.