Headhunter Thank you?

Hello All. I met with a recruiting firm and was wondering how fast to get the Thank You for your time letter out. Do I just email a thank you or actually type up a letter and waste paper for it? Since I missed the opportunity to write it yesterday, is one day later OK?

I dont think you need to thank a recruiting firm. They should thank you when you land them a nice commission.

“Here’s an advance on your commission.”


No need to send a thank you note unless you had some other reason for following up, like an updated resume or something

No, no, no. You will look desperate. The best way to say it is to say thank you at the end of your meeting.

I would write good talking to you - or look forward to talking to you in the future. No need to thank them yet.

I wrote an actual letter and the headhunter called me for 2 more jobs after that…funny thing is, that headhunter left the firm soon thereafter. I think he didnt make the commission quota