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trying to work out the best diet for the exam preparation stage and on the exam day. gotta get lots of fish for sure to help the brain…on exam day - not sure what to eat yet. got the following advice from previous level III takers and share with everyone, hope it helps… Like so many things in life, the best plan is also the most basic; exercising regularly, getting a good night’s sleep and maintaining a balanced diet. Sleep: Most of us need between 6-8 hours sleep, make sure you get your fill. Excercise: It gets the blood and oxygen flowing to your brain and assists with good sleep. Do weights 3x and Cardio 3 or 4 times per week. Nutrition: Breakfast: It is still the most important meal of the day so start your day with a good breakfast that includes carbs and protein, my favorite is oatmeal with protein powder and milk. Super foods: Fish: Contains omega-3 fatty acids, one particular type of fatty acid in fish is known as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). It is important to remember that approximately 60 percent of the human brain is composed of fatty material and 25 percent of that material is DHA. There is quite a debate in the US in regards to the DHA supplementation in baby food. Choline: This fat-like B vitamin is found in eggs and studies show that choline supplementation enhances memory and reaction time in animals, especially aging animals. It also enhances memory in people. Choline supplementation also minimizes fatigue. Vitamins: Take a good daily-multi and boost your diet with Vitamin B. Mood and mental performance are powerfully influenced by B vitamins; try the Naked Juice Blue Berry drink. Carbs: Your brain uses about 20% of your energy, try to avoid excessive blood sugar Spikes by ensuring you have more complex carbs and less simple carbs. Most of our complex carbs are from grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and potatoes. These foods - especially whole grains - are digested at more leisurely rate and result in a steadier level of fuel released to the blood. These foods are also packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Simple sugars are the ones that can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream - think of the quick fix many of us reach for in the form of candy or soda. These foods usually contain white sugar or corn syrup (fructose = the fattening of America!). Simple Carbs are also found in natural foods, such as honey, molasses, maple syrup, fruit and milk. Reducing vicious blood sugar swings benefits your brain and your body. If you choose the carbohydrates that will slowly release energy, you’ll have a steadier attention span and a healthier body. Protein: Your body breaks down protein into its building blocks, amino acids, one of which is tyrosine. The brain uses tyrosine to manufacture dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters believed to help increase alertness, mental acuity, motivation, and response time to challenges. Water: In addition, don’t forget to drink lots of water. It’s important to drink lots of water during the days before the test. You may not want to risk needing to run to the bathroom during the test. However, don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated either.

Getting drunk the night before, cup of coffee in the morning with whatever I can find. Probably some sort of Granola bar for lunch.

Great post, thanks. I plan on running 3-5 miles the day before. This will help with my sleep and increase oxygen levels.

I alwyas have Eggs, Toast, Orange Juice and Coffee the morning of the test…seems to do me fine.

bigwilly, would you have the same on exam day? what would you have for lunch then? want to replicate someone (who will certainly pass) in every aspects… :slight_smile:

Yes, for the last 2 levels I have a full breakfast and for lunch i bring a jar of peanut butter a thing of jelly and a loaf of bread :slight_smile: and make myself some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and I sit in my car and review some stuff. I love peanut butter mmmm

Sorry…but anybody remember what they wore on the day they took LI and LII. I do…of course, I plan on wear the same thing on June 7th.

Don’t forget the Saturday morning s.e.x on the exam day.

Here’s what I want Sat AM… “I want a hamburger and some french fries and a corn dog, no a hot dog…” or better yet, How 'bout a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?

FSA Sucka that would mess me up b/c i didnt get it for the first 2 :slight_smile:

^^^ Don’t jinx it then. Once you get the charter, hang it in your bedroom. Looking at the charter in the middle of the action will be well worth it…I think :slight_smile:

Most people like to hang a mirror on the ceiling over their bed, me I’m gonna hang the charter…

2 Xanax and an Egg McMuffin washed down with Mountain Dew and a strong coffee

fsa-sucker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^^^ Don’t jinx it then. > > Once you get the charter, hang it in your bedroom. > Looking at the charter in the middle of the action > will be well worth it…I think :slight_smile: Yeah…once this shiBa is done I plan on celebrating every CFA exam day like a birthday or anniversary. Enjoy myself with sex, golf, booze, cigars etc. True Bill Clinton style. NICE!!! Anyone else planning special things on CFA exam day to celebrate their liberation…at least the first year?