Hearing back from interview

I recently got to the last round of interviews at a BB. I heard back from from the HR representative who called me and informed me that the decision has been delayed by 10 days. Not sure what to think of this. Any idea? Thanks.

Some banks will get back to you quickly, and some leave you hanging for months, or keep you on file indefinitely. If you’re entry level and applying for analyst or internship class, then you’ll probably hear soon. If you are experienced, the timeline is much harder to determine.

Thanks Ohai. This is for an associate position but still fairly junior.

It could have been due to holidays and everyone is stacked with work. Chin up and don’t stop looking for a new gig.

are you okay with physically harming others to further yourself? they gave their first choice 10 days to respond. they were extremely nice to give you a heads-up. try to find out who their first choice was and make sure they don’t accept.

Sure, if it is agreed upon in the contract and signed by a judge.

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