Heart Attack!!!

So who else nearly had a heart attack when they saw the “Important CFA Exam Results Information” email that just went around. I’m here at work and I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw that email. It turns out that they just changed how we are going to see our results come Jan. 23. I thought they had somehow tabulated the scores already. Darn you CFAI and your insensitive email Subject lines!!!


My stomach was instantly hurting, knees shaking, palms sweating, and I felt a need to purge. So I now know what I need on 23rd (access to a bathroom, a brown paper bag, something to drink, and I’ll add as I go).

I’m sure they had a laugh or two :slight_smile:

so nervous opening up that email! don’t know what it will be like when i actually get my results!

I think I’m actually getting kind of numb to this whole thing these days, there’s been waaay too much worrying going on recently. Of course, I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck in a few weeks though :wink:

Everyone’s gotta relax. We wrote now we wait. We can’t pray for our answers to change. So what’s done is done. Let’s all chill out, enjoy our break from hardcore studying and panic at 8:59am EST when the CFA’s system crashes from everyone trying to log in at once.

i can’t check my personal e-mail at work, so you guys were my buffer. wasn’t hard to open it when i got home at 8 yesterday :wink:

Yeah, I figured someone just took one look at mine and was like “no chance, send this guy and email and let him know, no reason making him wait with the rest”