Heartfelt Thank You..

I posted this elsewhere, but wanted to make sure you guys saw it… dinesh, deep, and cfaboston… You all helped me so much with your posts. I’m unhappy that you won’t be hanging out with us for 2009, but I want you to know that I squeaked by and I owe you much for your support and guidance here. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.

Thanks sterling76! wish you all the luck on L3. Party hard tonight!

dinesh, I was sorry to learn that you didn’t pass. I’m confident you’ll crush it next year if you stay in the program. So take a few more months to relax before preparing to hit the books. I remember how it felt last year, but when I learned of my Pass this morning it made the grueling experience all worthwhile. Keep your chin up, I’m looking forward to congratulating you next August. Cheers.

Dinesh - Feel bad for you buddy… I dont know you but I suspect we have common friends… anyway here’s wishing you all the best.